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In addition to favourable press reviews, compliments have been received from readers from across the world; a few examples -


“A truly great motoring book; the photographs are just so amazing and a work of art in themselves. I think this volume will bring out many more historic Daimlers that are lying about in woodsheds, barns and even Palaces!”


“Congratulations, yet another book with so much information and excellent photo reproductions … it will not be easy to put down.”


“… the book was absolutely worth the wait. I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on a book before. What really stands out for me is the way you have lifted it above a simple description of the cars, or the company, good though that would have been. At times it felt to me as if I was looking through a much loved family album …. It is a really remarkable book and one I shall enjoy dipping into for years to come. My congratulations on a wonderful achievement”


 “What a great book; as I expected, fantastic” 

 “Your magnificent book arrived safely today – a birthday present to my husband and he is delighted!”


“It arrived today, the delivery guy staggering up the drive! And what a wonder it is! The wonderful photography, the detail, the research and the depth of study are immediately obvious. … Another heavyweight contribution to our Heritage and a splendid salute to your scholarship.”


“what a gigantic work you have done; totally amazing; I will have a lot to read and study; a big thank you for your amazing work.”


 “What a great book. Beautifully presented and a fine companion to the previous volumes – thanks for all your hard work in producing it and congratulations on such a successful outcome.”


“I am impressed at the amount of research you have undertaken over the years and the content of this volume. Congratulations on another beautiful Daimler volume”


 “Have received your Volume 3 and am very impressed – excellent.”


“The book is marvellous and just a great pleasure to look at all the pictures and read the interesting texts. I think the format – historical development illustrated by examples and owner stories – is just perfect and makes appetite for more!”

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