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As for ‘Standard Edition’ but additionally: Silver gilding of page edges, special numbered certificate signed by the Author, in hand crafted slip case with gold lettering on spine – to match volumes 1 and 2.

Just 300  copies of the ‘Special Edition’ will be produced. ISBN NO. 978-1-9998303-6-6


FROM THE PRINTERS:, 17th November, 2017


“Special / Limited Edition – 300 Books

Unfortunately these are understandably going to take longer to produce.


The two main things that are going to take the time are the Silver gilding to the page edges and the handmade slip cases. The silver gilding is a slow process there are very few places left in the UK who perform this skilled work. Our binders have a source for this and they trust them to do a good job on it. This source however is has a full order book until mid January. As previously explained the handmade slip cases cannot be made until the final books have been produced. The reason is that the books have to fit perfectly into them, not too tightly and not so loose that they fall out easily.

So we believe that the specials will be ready early February.

I realise that this is not ideal but the gilding and the slip cases are handmade operations and so by their nature a slow process. ;  BRIAN SMITH

The Special Edition

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